Monday, June 06, 2005

Camano Island State Park

Friday, June 3rd we were actually packed and ready to leave for the WetWestie campout at 10:30. But, true to form, nothing EVER seems to go right whenever we plan a campout. First, Arlo woke up and decided to have digestive "issues", meaning he had the runs. So, first order of the day was to cook up some chicken and rice for him for the weekend.

After stopping for gas and subs for lunch, we made it to Lynnwood to the meeting place 45 minutes early. We pulled into a nice strip mall, ate our lunch walked the dogs and I was able to browse through a neat bead and button shop. Found a beautiful "dalmatian stone"(?) pendant for a good price. Alas, that was about the only good thing to happen.

On arriving back at the bus there was the dreaded green juice puddle leaking from a place it wasn't supposed to. Quick inspection determined it was the overflow tank and that it had yet reached the critical stage. Luckily there was a VW shop nearby that happened to have the part. So we made a slow, leisurely drive home and Steve swapped out the tank while I made some blonde brownies. A few more tweaks of some hoses and all leaks were solved.

5:30 pm and we're back on the road forging through Friday afternoon rush hour traffic. 3 hours later we made it to Camano Island and actually were able to find a nice spot, complete with a beautiful water view. Woo hoo.

Saturday was beautiful. The weather was perfect, not too hot, nor too cool. We finally learned how to play cribbage. Took the dogs down to the water and Arlo had his first encounter with waves....they scared him. After being chased by the first one, he didn't want to get near them again. He was a total butthead about any other dogs he saw. The leash aggression thing is really getting old.

The turnout was 20 buses and the potluck was great, as usual, in true WetWestie fashion. Unfortunately, something triggered Steve's allergies and he couldn't stop sneezing or blowing his nose. Benadryl didn't even phase it. So, when we ran out of tissues, we decided to head home after the potluck. Probably was all for the best since the weather turned a bit wild on Sunday with some fierce storms blowing through.

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