Tuesday, August 12, 2008

Lost Week

Wow! One week since I last posted. Well, I have been busy even though I don't have any pictures to show for it. First off, all the blocks for the jelly-roll QOV have been completed. Now I just need to sew them together.

Secondly, I have FINALLY settled on a plan for the quilting on the much delayed Wedding Gift quilt. After doing more than my fair share of frogging, I think things are finally settling into a groove. I definitely need to look into some classes at Innovations that will help me get over this "Stand & Stare" at a loaded quilt trying to fingure out how to quilt it.

Last week 3 of the Tuesday, now Monday QB's made a pilgrimage to downtown Seattle to the APNQ Quilt show. This show is held every other year and is a juried show. What a feast for the eyes. Lots of wonderful quilts. This year it was held in a new location, the Washington Trade & Convention center. Wow! It really was a great place for this show. Lots of space, lots of good lighting, and, most important, way more restrooms than previous locations have had.

Other things keeping me from quilting, helping DH rebuild our fence. It was way past it's lifetime and I'm surprised it has held up through the last couple big storms. But, now the two worst sections have been replaced. Much to Arlo's dismay there are no more big cracks or knot holes for him to use to peer out at the neighborhood. Now if we can only get him interested in catching that darn mole! We've NEVER had mole problems before. Probably because Sneakers would never allow wildlife into her yard. Arlo has a prey drive, however it seems to be directed at prey that he will never catch, i.e. squirrels. He did, briefly dig at a fresh mole hill one day and I cheered him on. However, his attention span is quite short. I've always said he's my ADD/HD dog.

Hopefully my aching back & neck will start to get better enough that I can get back to some more serious sewing. Meanwhile, I'm enjoying watching the Olympics. For once there is more than one channel to view the games on.

Quilt on!

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