Wednesday, January 07, 2009

The Big Soak

Every so often the Seattle area gets something called "The Pineapple Express" -- lots and lots of warm, moist air coming from literally, Hawaii or thereabouts. Well, we're in the middle of one. It's been stalled over the area for the past 30 hours or so. It has brought records amounts of rain, but, even worse, rain and warmer temps to the mountains. This means that all the rivers in Western Washington are flooding. Flooding at record levels. The news said one river was breaking a record set in 1917! And it's official, the only way out of this area right now is to fly! All three mountain passes are closed due to avalanches and landslides. And now, to top it off a major section of I-5, south of Olympia is closed. This is the same stretch that was closed due to floods last year. I've also heard that another stretch of I-5, north of Tacoma is also closed.

Oh yeah, remember that pesky mole, well, he's BACK! But he's so totally undermined the back yard that it's beyond soggy. It's in swamp territory now. Maybe he will get flooded out and head uphill and out of my yard!

Not much sewing is going on but lots of playing with the new laptop. Really must get those Happy Blocks done -- I'll think about them tomorrow.

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