Saturday, August 08, 2009


See my nice, clean refrigerator! It needed cleaning but I really didn't want to spend $250 in the process. However, when the defrost timer & thermostat fail you get to spend $250 to get it fixed. What kills me is that the parts were only about $60. The rest is labor and two trips to the house -- one to diagnose and one to fix once he got the parts. On the plus side, the repairman was here within a few hours of my call to him, late Friday afternoon. And he was back by 10:30 Saturday morning with the new parts.

Meanwhile, I'm hoping that the food I was able to stuff into coolers and the bus refrigerator will still be good. According to the repairman this probably failed several months ago. It just took this long for the thing to get so full of ice that it completely stopped circulating air into the refrigerator portion. That might explain why we've noticed our milk going sour after only a couple days.

Anybody want some sour milk?


Batiklover said...

What a bummer!!!! But... your fridge looks GREAT!!!! Wanna come clean mine???

*karendianne. said...

Oh no! Do you think we've been hanging out too much? Do you think my vibes are catching? Money out the window and all that?

backporchquilter said...

DH won't let me post a picture of our new toilet----bummer! Isn't that what blogs are for?