Sunday, March 28, 2010


Number of blocks = 169
Number of partial blocks in the border = 52
Total number of half square triangles = 784
Finished size = 96' x 96" 

Yup, that my friends is my completed (flimsy) red & white snowball quilt. Quilting will have to wait as there are some other priorities ahead of this one. What a nice feeling to have the piecing completed on that one. It was a good, mindless project to work on while keeping me from obsessing about the rest of our life the last couple months.

On the job front, the Bearded One has been offered a position back at Boeing with one of the contractors. Even though this is probably not the ideal job, going back to work at Boeing, he has accepted the offer. Meanwhile, he's started some heavy duty studying for some certifications which will help in the ongoing job search.

It's been an interesting, stressful few months. But it's also been a good time to reflect on where we are and what we really want. We've done some serious research about other areas of the country where we might want to live. We've come to realize that there are some other areas of the country that are high on our list where the cost of living is much more reasonable than here in the Seattle area. So, here we are, about to start down a new path. A path for which we don't know what direction it will eventually lead us.....

As far as this one is cares, as long as the dog treats and kibble keep appearing, he's not too concerned.....