Thursday, January 26, 2012

Buses By the Bridge Road Trip - pt. 2

Death Valley -- Wow! Since this was my first trip to this part of the country, I really had no idea what to expect. All I can say now is that I never expected it to be as beautiful as it was. Starting with the road heading into Death Valley.

These Joshua trees were everywhere. I was fascinated with them. At first you would just see one here or there. Then there were hillsides dotted with them.

The view of Panamint Valley from a scenic overlook. We had to go through this and over the "hills" on the other side to get to Death Valley. Every twist and turn of the road brought yet a different view. On our way down we saw a fighter jet from NAS China Lake zooming around the hills and up the valley.

The lowest point that we reached while crossing Death Valley. Pretty cool to see the negative elevation.

Heading east out of Death Valley. I tried to capture all the subtle colors of the mountains but these pictures really don't do them justice. Winter is such a grat time to visit Deat Valley. The temps were around 60 and the light was soft, not the harsh light of summer.

More Death Valley -- heading east.

The Vegas strip -- we had to give the Spotted one something to bark at....

Lake Mead at sunset.

This is the pedestrian portion of the newly opened bridge carrying traffic from Nevada to Arizona. Prior to 9/11 all traffic crossed over the two lane Hoover Dam. After 9/11 trucks were no longer allowed. The bridge is an amazing feat of engineering. No, I did NOT stroll out on the pedestrian walkway.

The Bearded One however had no problem walking out to the middle and taking pictures. Here you see the Hoover Dam. Yes, the new bridge is considerably higher....

The new bridge as we are preparing to do the tourist thing and cross over the dam. You must go through an inspection before being allowed to cross the dam.

At last, Arizona! Next up, Buses by the Bridge and Tucson.

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