Monday, May 30, 2005

Funky Dog Print Blouse

Well, yet another blouse that didn't quite come out as I'd hoped. I seem to have more sewing ventures that end like this. The pictures show what started as a Classic Blouse, 3" ease. I actually did watch all the PE movies and thought I'd try to cut the back yoke and to it in PE instead of by hand was just easier to do it by hand. I suppose I really should master that beast one of these days.

I used some of the settings suggested by Debbie. I'm thinking I really should have made that test blouse before I plunged in and cut up the "good stuff". Oh well, live and learn. Debbie had suggested I try a test blouse and move the side/arm point and side/hip point to -.5 or up to -1.0. I used -.5 for this blouse, don't think I like it. This blouse fits better across the back of the shoulders than the Hawaiian from last year but I still think I need more ease across the back.

Unfortunately I need to make the insulated/reflective window coverings for the bus before I can get back to any more sewing for myself. And I think I should probably do a summer weight bathrobe before playing with more blouses. I'm sure the neighbors would appreciate it when I'm out cleaning up the yard first thing in the morning before Arlo's allowed out......

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Debbie Soles said...

Hey Liz..who's this "Debbie" you speak of??LOL Yes, this Debbie did send you a classic blouse draft for a test. Geez hasn't it been almost a year since we worked on your chart? You may need to recheck your circ. numbers. The whole idea behind the test blouse was to verify that chart we worked on. And back then when I suggested the side/arm pt...well the program has now changed. Back then when you choose say .5 it added/sub .5 from whole pattern, now it applies to half if you choose .5 it really is 1. Like I said, since then the program has changed.

Good girl for watching the PE Movies, color me impressed!:)) Bout time!!LOL And yes, one day you will master the "beast"!!:)) And then you'll wonder what the heck took you so long before you used can be so much fun!!:))

When I'm making this style of blouse using 100% cotton, I make mine a little differently. Let me know when you feel like discussing some future design choices.