Saturday, December 27, 2014

Catching Up

Back in early November, I know, I know....almost 2 months ago but hey, I was sick for 4 weeks with lingering aspects of the awful crud even now....Anyway, BEFORE I got sick I met my quilting "partner in crime," Alaska cruise roomie, Janet to "look at" the Innova long arm. You guessed it, there is now a lovely, 26" Innova taking up the space where my ancient old HandiQuilter 16 used to reside. I really was going to get the smaller one, the 22".....but the Bearded One along with the Innova rep pushed me to go larger.....

Here's Fiona, all happy in her new home complete with her hydraulic lift table and PantoVision.

Due to some "issues" with our dealer who is actually just a rep, and misrepresented several things, Fiona has already taken a trip south to McMinnville, Oregon to Boersma's exceptional shop to be upgraded and have the "issues" ironed out. I foresee a long and happy relationship ahead of us now. 

Meanwhile after a brief stint playing around on boring old muslin I quickly loaded my first quilt, a top I had completed for Project Linus. 

Once that was completed the Christmas Sister's Choice from Bonnie Hunter at Quiltville was loaded up and completed. Nothing like waiting to the last minute. 

Every block has two different Christmas fabrics with no two repeated. I had started these blocks back in 2013 in between steps of the Celtic Solstice mystery. Once the blocks were complete and on my design wall I decided I wanted some sashing. Remembering the trunk show that Debbie Caffrey had given at Block Party in Portland back in 2012, I used her skinny sashing idea between the blocks. Yes, the sashing between the blocks has a finished size of 1/2" complete with cornerstones. 

I also reversed the two colors for the binding and piping. Since we had a lot of car travel time a good portion of the binding was completed then. Luckily for me, my sister doesn't come in from Denver until December 30th. 

I apologize for the photos, they were taken with my iPhone and the lighting at Dad's house isn't the best. Linking up with Bonnie's Linky Christmas Party. Maybe I will be a better blogger in 2015 -- we will see but don't hold your breath. 

Monday, December 15, 2014

Shame on You Quilter's Newsletter Magazine

Back in November of 2012 when our double move fiasco started I very dutifully changed my mail address from our home of 22+ years to our temporary PO Box address. All was fine and 5 months later we moved yet again. Once again I very dutifully changed everything to our new address -- not an easy task mind you. Do you have any idea just how many things need to be changed? Yeah, I didn't either until I did it twice.

While moving my extensive collection of fabric and quilting magazines I also decided it was time to start going to digital subscriptions for the few magazines that I was going continue to receive. You move 30+ years of quilting magazines a couple times.....

Among the subscriptions I had decided to keep was Quilter's Newsletter. I have been receiving this magazine for over 30 years. Yes, you read that correctly. This happened to be the only one that I was keeping a print subscription for, deciding to go digital down the road. 

It finally occurred to me a couple weeks ago that I have not been receiving this magazine. The last copy I actually received was June/July 2013 which had been forwarded from the PO Box. Strange, because when I go checked my account yes, there is my new address, yet in another spot on their multiple screens of navigation there is my old PO Box -- hmm.....Multiple emails and phone calls have resulted in the fact that they have not been sending me my magazine and they had put my account on hold. Mind you, they never contacted me yet they gladly took my money in January for a 2 year renewal when they sent me a renewal notice. Now they will not/cannot send me the back issues I never received -- 8 in total plus the current issue making 9 not received. For my trouble, they will add 3 months to my subscription which is paid through August/September of 2016!!!! I think not. I finally told the last person that I spoke with that if she couldn't make it right, then she needed to refund my total money for subscription paid plus issues never received. Sadly, all they were willing to do was to refund my $34.99 that I had paid in January 2014. They will not compensate me for the 3 issues from 2013 that I never received.

I admit that I should have picked up on this sooner but moving twice in 5 months was a huge upheaval in my life. Add to that all the changes that I did make to subscriptions, it quite literally did not come to my attention until now. But that's no excuse for Quilter's Newsletter to not make it right. 

SHAME ON YOU Quilter's Newsletter. This is NOT how you treat long time, loyal subscribers. Take their money, don't deliver the product, don't make any effort to contact me. Personally I consider that criminal. At the cost of magazines today that's outright theft. Your magazine will NEVER darken my door again and you can be sure that I will share my story with any and all quilters that I can.