Monday, December 15, 2014

Shame on You Quilter's Newsletter Magazine

Back in November of 2012 when our double move fiasco started I very dutifully changed my mail address from our home of 22+ years to our temporary PO Box address. All was fine and 5 months later we moved yet again. Once again I very dutifully changed everything to our new address -- not an easy task mind you. Do you have any idea just how many things need to be changed? Yeah, I didn't either until I did it twice.

While moving my extensive collection of fabric and quilting magazines I also decided it was time to start going to digital subscriptions for the few magazines that I was going continue to receive. You move 30+ years of quilting magazines a couple times.....

Among the subscriptions I had decided to keep was Quilter's Newsletter. I have been receiving this magazine for over 30 years. Yes, you read that correctly. This happened to be the only one that I was keeping a print subscription for, deciding to go digital down the road. 

It finally occurred to me a couple weeks ago that I have not been receiving this magazine. The last copy I actually received was June/July 2013 which had been forwarded from the PO Box. Strange, because when I go checked my account yes, there is my new address, yet in another spot on their multiple screens of navigation there is my old PO Box -- hmm.....Multiple emails and phone calls have resulted in the fact that they have not been sending me my magazine and they had put my account on hold. Mind you, they never contacted me yet they gladly took my money in January for a 2 year renewal when they sent me a renewal notice. Now they will not/cannot send me the back issues I never received -- 8 in total plus the current issue making 9 not received. For my trouble, they will add 3 months to my subscription which is paid through August/September of 2016!!!! I think not. I finally told the last person that I spoke with that if she couldn't make it right, then she needed to refund my total money for subscription paid plus issues never received. Sadly, all they were willing to do was to refund my $34.99 that I had paid in January 2014. They will not compensate me for the 3 issues from 2013 that I never received.

I admit that I should have picked up on this sooner but moving twice in 5 months was a huge upheaval in my life. Add to that all the changes that I did make to subscriptions, it quite literally did not come to my attention until now. But that's no excuse for Quilter's Newsletter to not make it right. 

SHAME ON YOU Quilter's Newsletter. This is NOT how you treat long time, loyal subscribers. Take their money, don't deliver the product, don't make any effort to contact me. Personally I consider that criminal. At the cost of magazines today that's outright theft. Your magazine will NEVER darken my door again and you can be sure that I will share my story with any and all quilters that I can. 


Sharon said...

Good for you. Customer service is everything

Kristen said...

I've sold three houses and moved four times in the past two years ... and we're not done yet. Most of what we own is in a storage unit two states away until we figure out where we're going next. We're not even military. Not only that but we also married right before the first move and I'm also power of attorney for an elderly relative so every time we move I have to submit three address changes - my former name, our household, and the relative - as well as update any others currently in effect. It's such a nightmare.

That said, I was pretty certain that forwarding orders notified the magazines that the address had changed. I've never updated my address for a magazine (and I only get one these days) and they always find me. QNM definitely dropped the ball on this one and should make it right. You should post it to their Facebook page too if you haven't already. We had some issues with AT&T at our last address and it wasn't until my husband put it on their Facebook page that someone contacted him to get it resolved.

orchardquilter said...

Won't have anything to do with Fons and Porter and subsidiaries for the same reasons. They hound you for payment of something you never ordered, ding your credit card weeks before something ordered is shipped, make it ridiculous all the hoops you have to jump through over and over again to get digital anything, and on and on. I wonder if Ms. Tons and Ms. Porter even realize how their customer service sucks.