Monday, May 09, 2011

Some of this & Some of that

Last weekend we were able to do some of this:

We travelled to Walla Walla searching for some dry weather and the company of our VW group, the WetWesties. We had a great time. The Spotted One was thoroughly fixated on these little darlings:

I managed to find a couple quilt shops along the way....and people think that little trailer is just for camping gear!

I was able to spend the traveling hours working on a new hexagon project.

It's actually a lot further along than what is shown here--guess I should take an updated picture.

I've also managed to do some quilting the last month or so. I have a "hobby" exchange going on with an old friend. She's painting me a view of the Hudson River from Trophy Point at West Point and I'm making her a quilt. I can report that her quilt is completed.

I used Bonnie Hunter's Star Struck pattern. I LOVE how this came out. Its going to be difficult to send it to NY to it's new home. I think I will have to make another one for myself.

I quilted this with the Daisy Swirl pantograph which fits perfectly with the floral border. Check out the great backing I found:

There are some other stealth projects in the works which will eventually be able to be shown here. But for now, I will leave you with a picture of The Spotted One and how he spent a good portion of his camping weekend.