Monday, June 02, 2014

This and That

My how time flies. It sure has been awhile since I've been here. Oh well, I'm definitely not be the best blogger in the world.....if only I could figure out how to get all those posts I've created in my mind to magically appear here.

Anyway, I've been busy....some of this and some of that. Everybody seems to be having babies lately. I've been busy with baby quilts and have even forgotten to take pics of some of them - acck.

Here are a couple quilts for Project Linus. The small one has since been quilted and the 4 patches will be quilted after I complete the current baby quilt.

Would you believe all the 4-patches were leftovers from a quilt-along I did a few years ago? I was rummaging through boxes and ran across them. Pulled the green from stash and by the time the weekend was done so was the quilt top. 

This next top was completed last year, shortly after taking Julie Herman's class at Block Party in Portland. This is Northern Lights. The top has been waiting to be quilted. I looked at it one Monday and realized it would be the perfect 80th birthday gift for a special friend. (Her birthday was that Saturday.) I completed the quilting and got it in the mail on Friday and it arrived on Monday.....Not bad for a last minute idea. 

Finally, yesterday's finish. Way back in 2009 I won some leftover 6" apple core pieces from Terry Atkinson . I created a plastic template from the pieces and started sewing. Those convex and concave curves of the apple core pieces were quite a challenge. So much so that I actually tried piecing some by hand to see if it was any easier. It was, but was also much slower. Needless to say, I plugged along over the years. Back in March of this year I ran across that box that held all the bits and pieces and realized I was just a few short rows of having a completed quilt top. A little bit of work and the top was completed. The quilting was completed this weekend and the bias binding was made and applied on Saturday. All the wonderful curves that caused me such grief sewing them together made the hand stitching of the binding an absolute breeze. The binding just seemed to want to roll over into place all by itself. After a mere 24 hours the binding was completed and the quilt was washed, dried and placed on the bed. A true record for me. Binding a quilt, especially a queen sized one like this usually takes me a week or more. 
And now, I will bid you all a good day and happy sewing as I head upstairs to sew those last few rows together on the current baby quilt in progress.