Friday, April 10, 2015

Bad Blogger, Bad, Bad Blogger.....

So it's been 3 months since I last posted.....sigh, where does the time get to? I'm trying to decide whether or not to continue blogging or to just give it up since I seem to be so bad doing it on any kind of regular basis.

In my last post you saw my poor Winston Ways which had some unfortunate bleeding in the wash. Well, I'm happy to report that the problem has been resolved. A HUGE thank you goes out to Vicki Welsh and her fabulous information on dealing with bleeding fabric. After a nice hot soak in the tub with Dawn you'd have to look real hard to see any signs of the bleeding reds. Whew! You can read Vicki's post here.

So what have I been doing lo these past 3 months you ask. Well, let's see, one Project Linus quilt has been quilted. One Block of the Month for quilt guild has also been completed along with the another Quilt of Valor and a charity quilt for the guild has also been quilted.  I also agreed to make a signature wedding quilt for the daughter of our church pastor. She will be getting married in June. The top is done and I will get it back for quilting after the wedding. I also made a table topper and set of placemats for her wedding shower.
2nd of 3 Quilts of Valor

Guild Block of the Month

Wedding shower Table topper

Along with all this I finally decided on a plan for the annual Quilting Broads challenge. This year it was a table runner. We are all doing the same pattern. Inspiration finally struck and the runner was pieced in no time flat. Quilting it was a whole other matter. I swear I took out more than I put in. But, it was finally completed and the reveal will be this weekend, provided they can get over the mountain pass -- a freak spring storm is expected to start dumping snow sometime tonite.

Oh yeah, another very big project was conceived and completed. I couldn't show it until it was gifted and that finally happened this week. Back around Christmas I heard from an old friend. Ellin and I had met on a chatline for a pattern drafting program that we both were using at the time. We've kept in touch over the years but between our move and her move, we had not communicated in over a year. Last year was a bad year for Ellin and her lovely husband Don. Between several health related problems and downsizing to a retirement home they were then hit with a major shock in October when Ellin's son and daughter-in-law were stabbed to death by a distant relative they had been trying to help get his life back on track. I did the only thing a quilter can do, made her a memory quilt honoring Larry & Denise.

So, that's a little bit of what I've been doing lately. Keeping busy quilting and in between we've been hosting a lot of house guests so I'm beginning to feel like we've turned into a B&B.