Monday, May 30, 2005

Funky Dog Print Blouse

Well, yet another blouse that didn't quite come out as I'd hoped. I seem to have more sewing ventures that end like this. The pictures show what started as a Classic Blouse, 3" ease. I actually did watch all the PE movies and thought I'd try to cut the back yoke and to it in PE instead of by hand was just easier to do it by hand. I suppose I really should master that beast one of these days.

I used some of the settings suggested by Debbie. I'm thinking I really should have made that test blouse before I plunged in and cut up the "good stuff". Oh well, live and learn. Debbie had suggested I try a test blouse and move the side/arm point and side/hip point to -.5 or up to -1.0. I used -.5 for this blouse, don't think I like it. This blouse fits better across the back of the shoulders than the Hawaiian from last year but I still think I need more ease across the back.

Unfortunately I need to make the insulated/reflective window coverings for the bus before I can get back to any more sewing for myself. And I think I should probably do a summer weight bathrobe before playing with more blouses. I'm sure the neighbors would appreciate it when I'm out cleaning up the yard first thing in the morning before Arlo's allowed out......

Front -- I love the tiny cording on the collar. Not sure I like the waist darts.... Posted by Hello

Back --3" of ease wasn't enough.  Posted by Hello

Thursday, May 26, 2005

Note to Self.....

The picture pretty much says it all. Do NOT leave dog training treats in your jeans pocket when you remove your jeans. Also, when you do remove your jeans, leave them out of reach of curious dog noses.

Lately I have taken to carrying dog treats and a clicker around with me at all times. We are trying to shape some of Arlo's behaviors to make him a more pleasant dog to live with. In other words, trying to break him of his habit of standing in the window barking at anything and everything that moves on the sidewalk or street. In just a little over a week, he is will now turn his head and look at me when I say "watch me". When he does this I click the clicker and he gets a treat. That stops the barking, even temporarily. We are making slow progress.

We're also following a new lifestyle with him, NILIF (Nothing In Life Is Free). It's making a difference. His surly teenage attitude is slowly changing and he's figuring out just who is REALLY the boss. He still has some serious issues with sitting and waiting until I open the door to let him out, especially if he's spied a squirrel running the back fence. And I don't think he will EVER stop his nasty coprophagia habit. He absolutely, positively resents having to wait until Sneakers has gone outside and done her business and then one of us has cleaned it up. None of the dog behavior information I've read has addressed how to solve that issue.

Jeans pocket that had some forgotten dog training treats..... Posted by Hello

Wednesday, May 25, 2005

Arlo. Don't let this innocent face fool you. Posted by Hello

Sneakers, the matriarch and "Daddy's Girl". Posted by Hello

Our beloved brown moose, Ditto. Posted by Hello

A Beginning

Where does one start? I hope to use this blog to share my latest sewing and quilting endeavors with other like-minded friends. I also hope to use this place to journal our "adventures in agility" with Arlo, our 13 month old liver Dalmatian.

Arlo is the grandson of our 12 year old old girl, Sneakers. He was born just 2 days after we lost our first Dal, Ditto. Ditto was a very large, sweet, sweet liver Dalmatian who had a fan club far and wide. Arlo is a whole 'nother story. His nickname quickly became "Monster" not long after he arrived. We often wonder if we would have ever had another Dalmatian if Arlo had been our first instead of our third.