Monday, April 01, 2013

Counting Down

Well, the countdown has begun. 3 weeks from today the movers will arrive to start packing us up. We're taking bets on how long it will take them to pack my sewing room, even though half of it is already still in boxes from our move to the rental.

We were scheduled to go over to talk to the landscaper on Saturday but, as luck would have it, the Bearded One ended up down for the count with the nasty stomach virus that had been going through his co-workers. So, I plugged in my trusty iPod, cranked up my audio book and headed over the mountains.

First thing on my list was checking out the new retaining walls and the fence, then we discussed landscaping and irrigation (nothing grows in central Washington unless you have irrigation -- average annual rainfall is about 9"!) Finally, I was able to go inside to see the cabinets, counters etc. Alas, the painters were finishing up the trim so everything was covered in paper or plastic. I was able to get a peek at the cabinets and backsplash while we discussed where I wanted the knobs and drawer pulls. Then there were the samples of blinds and sun shades to go through and decide upon. Sigh, yet more decisions. I never realized how many decisions you have to make when you build a house.

On the quilting front, my ADQD (Attention Deficit Quilting Disorder) is in full swing. I've started yet another new project along with finishing up one of my class projects from Block Party. Sadly, with no design wall and a sick quilt holder, there will be no pictures of the flimsy. But, I can show you these lovelies.

I've been collecting forest greens to make a green log cabin since there will be very little green on the other side of the mountains. The QB's supplemented my green stash for my birthday this year so what else is a girl to do but start cutting them up and sewing them back together again. Here's the tentative setting plan, only a mere 90 blocks, each with 23 pieces....yeah, go ahead and do the math, just don't tell me!

I'm toying with making that brown border out of string pieced triangles. We'll see how sick I am of little pieces when I get to that stage. I really do need to start concentrating on finishing up some UFO's--perhaps after I get all moved and settled in I will think about that.....