Thursday, August 05, 2010

Yard Art & More

Yesterday this lovely new piece of yard art was delivered.

Shortly after that, scaffolding was erected around all four sides of the house. This morning the crew showed up around 7:30 (I'm usually still asleep at that hour!) By 9:30 the front of the house looked like this:

Yes, we are having new siding and windows put on the house. After peeling off the old siding it was discovered that they "cheated" when the house was built some 31 years ago -- you will note there is no sheeting or anything under the attic portion of the house. The original siding was just attached to the studs!

As you can imagine, it's been quite a stressful morning for the Spotted One. But, the "happy pill" has finally taken effect and hopefully he will sleep through the rest of the day. He's not quite sure why he's staggering around like a drunk but I'm sure thankful that the incessant barking and howling has ceased.

I have finally managed to get out of the quilting slump I've been in. Back in June Crazy Mom Quilts started a Quilt-Along. I resisted for a couple weeks but finally caved after deciding that the pack of Bali Pops that I've had for over a year would be perfect for the project. Naturally, I chose to make the quilt queen sized instead of twin. Once I got started I didn't stop to wait for each week's new step. I'm too impatient, besides, I was on a roll.

I quilted this with Plumage pantograph by Jodi Beamish. The backing is flannel and I used Quilter's Dream Orient for the batting. This is WONDERFUL batting. It is a blend of bamboo, silk, tencel and cotton. It is super soft, lots of drape, no fuzz, warm yet breathable. I will definitely be using this batting again.

Oh yeah, while working on piecing this quilt, I also started another quilt, using the leftover Happy Camper fabric from the bus curtains from last year. Sorry, no pictures yet.  I've also pulled out a UFO from a couple years ago that I was challenged to's coming along but I need to find something to use for the setting triangles since I ran out of fabric and cannot find a match. Everything is close, but not quite.

Now I must get back to playing with paint schemes for the house.......