Wednesday, July 20, 2005


I have been so delinquent in posting. But, I have a good excuse, really, I do. It's called painting the house. Almost 2 years ago we remodeled the kitchen. At that time we painted the kitchen and new island walls antique white. The rest of the house has been a dirty, high gloss white, from when we bought the house. Due to the nature of our house being more or less open from one room to another, there was no easy stopping point. So, the living room, entry hall, hallway, alcove and downstairs hallway all got painted. And not just one coat, but two! Due to our highly textured walls, two coats is a necessity. Between the split level entry and the alcove which was packed, the job was not an easy one. Not to mention, the spotted "helpers." But, I am happy to say, it is all done. Now I'm just trying to finish sorting through the piles of stuff that we're not sure what to do with. And I need to find those last few screws for a couple switch plates........

Meanwhile, life basically stopped while I read the latest Harry Potter. Amid many tears and lots of tissues, I managed to finish it this morning. Now I need to re-read at least the one previous as I don't remember enough of the details.

In the last few weeks, I did manage to get my row completed for the group baby quilt the QB's are doing. Now if I can only get myself motivated to finish that other baby quilt. Since the due date was today, I think I can safely say that it won't get finished and shipped before the birth. I'm thinking I may just wait until they move out here to Ft. Lewis instead of sending it to NY.

And then there is that Beige Behemoth calling out to me. Perhaps if the rest of the QB's weren't so dang far ahead of me I wouldn't be itching to work on it.

But then there's also all those nagging notes from the Fly Lady. I really do need to start paying more attention to her. My intentions are good, I think I'm just lacking enough motivation--story of my life.

Well, the spotted ones are whining to go out and chase the lawn mower so I suppose I should remove myself from in front of this computer and go supervise.