Tuesday, August 23, 2005


Ok, so once again I have been delinquent in writing. But, it's been a busy month what with agility, visits to the vet to discover that Arlo has anxiety issues (like we didn't already know this), baby quilts to finish and, my least favorite activity, jury duty.

And now for my rant. Last year we planted an Asian pear tree in the yard. I lovingly tended to it and was quite happy to actually see it bear fruit it's first year. Unfortunately, Arlo discovered one low hanging branch, complete with 2 pears and decided the challenge was to see how fast he could remove the branch from the tree. There went 2 of my 6 pears.

This year I had 8 or 10 pears. I was so excited. There are no longer branches at Arlo's height and thankfully he's taken a liking to pieces of wood from our old wood pile. Standing on the deck one morning, awaiting the Princess to do her business, I noticed something on the ground under the pear tree. Further inspection revealed that it was one of my pears, neatly nibble around the middle. Upon further inspection I could not find a single pear left on my tree! The *@$% squirrels feasted on every last one of them!

I guess it's time to teach Arlo how to catch squirrels. If granny Sneakers was younger I know she would be up to the challenge since she has several to her credit.

On a happier note, the group QB baby quilt for Niki was completed and received lots of accolades at the shower last week. It's always nice to know that something you put so much time and love into is genuinely appreciated.