Thursday, December 18, 2008

Just in Case...

Just in case The Bearded One might read this post -- doubtful, but you never know, I had to obscure the latest project. It will be revealed next week. But see, I have been busy quilting -- you just can't see it! The top portion is complete -- now to quilt it.

Meanwhile, we are having more unusual weather for the Seattle area, that means more white stuff. This area just can't handle it. The first couple paragraphs of this article pretty much sum it up best. The city of Kent is 28 square miles and there are only 5 snow plows! Of course, the city itself is down in the valley with most of the roads up on the two hills on either side of the valley. So, when it snows we really can't do much.

Well, The Bearded One just called, he's stuck in a massive, snow-related traffic jam. Good thing I can look at traffic cams for him.

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karenfae said...

It sounds like you are having unusual weather for your area. We have already had one ice storm, snow flurries and now tonight and tomorrow night are bringing record cold temps, tonight down to 22 and tomorrow night maybe 10 degrees - I am in central Arkansas and this is not normal for this time of year! I would like it a little warmer :)