Monday, December 22, 2008

Need More Time... about another week and then I might actually have everything done. But noooo, it doesn't look like that' s gonna happen. Neither is the weather going to cooperate. So, after the 10" of fluffy white stuff mixed in with .25" of ice in the middle, we're in for yet another storm Tuesday nite into Wednesday. Aaaaaaaaarrrrghhhhhh! That means we have to move up our travel to Dad's house. Instead of leaving Wednesday we must leave tomorrow afternoon once The Bearded One is home from work. That means that all that baking and other stuff I wanted to do just isn't gonna happen.

On a quilty note, the project mentioned in the last post did get completed this morning. Good thing. The QB Christmas party and Challenge Reveal has been postponed to next week. Hopefully the weather gods will cooperate. We've had to cancel quilting the last 2 weeks. Would somebody please remind the weather gods that this is Seattle and we're supposed to be getting RAIN, not SNOW?!?

Here are a few more pictures from our last few storms. When Arlo gets outside, he loves it. It's just getting him to go outside that's the problem. He goes to the door, I open it. He sticks his nose out, sees the snow and promptly puts on the brakes. Then he gives me the most pathetic look. Like it's MY FAULT or something! Sheesh. You'd never know he doesn't like the snow from these pictures though. The "crunchy" stuff really bothered him though. He was absolutely sure there was something burried under all that cold, white stuff. It's really fun to through a snowball into the ground and watch him try to find it!


karenfae said...

How cute - love your dog -- good thing he has dark spots though or you might loose him in that snow! Surprising to hear of all the snow you are getting out there - hope it doesn't last too long - sounds like it is making travel bad.
Karen from cold Arkansas

Doris said...

many greetings from Hermine to Arlo.
Hermine loves snow so very much and never waits for me to open the door - she opens it by herself and all the snow is hers.........
Greetings from Germany