Wednesday, January 28, 2009

Fingers are Crossed

Our fingers are crossed that we make it through the next two days without any bad news. On Friday Boeing will be passing out layoff notices. This could potentially affect our family. Both The Bearded One and my Dear Sis work for the big "B".
Meanwhile, the cold is still hanging on and I simply have zero energy or desire to quilt. I did go downstairs and look at my partially completed heart blocks. I thought maybe they'd start calling my name, make me feel guilty for leaving them half assembled. Alas, if they did call out to me, I couldn't hear it because my ears are too clogged. Oh well, I'll be like Scarlett and think about it tomorrow.


*karendianne. said...


Sending you virtual support.

backporchquilter said...

Fingers and toes crossed, Liz. Those layoffs are far reaching and affect so many people and families. It's sortof a trickle-down layoff. We're hoping it won't touch our manufacturing companies over here that make parts for Boeing.