Saturday, October 24, 2009

Some Catching Up

I realize I have been very delinquent about posting lately. I'm putting it down to wasting far too much time on FaceBook -- in particular, Farm Town, Farmville, Farm Pals and Cafe World. These games are very addicting, especially when you also have friends playing them. I admit, I'm a bit competitive and keep trying to best a certain friend -- you know who you are!

Anyway, last weekend I drove across the state to Spokane. It's been 16 years since I've even been on that side of the state. And, I have to admit, I've only ever just driven through Spokane, never had the time to stop and explore. Spokane is a lovely city filled with turn of the century homes. I stayed in an absolutely beautiful bed & breakfast which was designed by Janet's great grandfather. It looks out on a beautiful park which was lined with trees showing off their fall colors.


This also happened to be the weekend of the big Washington State Quilters - Spokane Chapter quilt show. And what a show it was -- 600 quilts and 50+ vendors! Wheeeeee..........

On the quilting front, I've actually accomplished a couple things.

I picked up this wall hanging pattern at the show. She's all ready to be quilted. Since I've got my Christmas Lights mystery quilt loaded on Bessie (HQ16) I'll probably just quilt this on my Pfaff.

Here's a little sneak peek at the quilting. I'm doing a meandering holly leaf all over pattern. I'll probably go back over the meandering loops & line portion and make it a ribbon. 

It's good to actually see some progress on a couple projects. Now to finish that QB challenge! 


*karendianne. said...

That bloomin' facebook is going to be the death of me for certain! The Spotted One has taken to stealing things and having his will with them. He's now known as The Destructive One! Mom is failing her duties. No, it's not drugs, not crack, it's Facebook!!!

How fun your trip my friend. I love your Wall hanging! What a hoot. :) And can I just mention your quilting, your little sneak peak, is marvelous. Love it.

It's nice to finally see you. See, I thought you were taken by Aliens its been so longish... I was wondering who was going to cheer me on the next couple days. IV day is upon us - Tuesday. We need to get that water in dontcha know.

backporchquilter said...

Facebook games-----what are those? [she innocently asked]

I had a super memorable weekend with you over here, Liz. And I can't believe you have the witch hanging done already! How fun is that?

Signed: Level 34 FarmTown

Batiklover said...

Love the witch wall hanging and can't wait to see the "finished" quilt that is on Bessie. I am feeling quite inferior, but that is nothing new.... :-)
Sounds like a great time with a great quilting buddy, and I just LOVE the B&B. Glad you had FUN!!!
I haven't gotten sucked into facebook yet, though a certain friend keeps asking.. hee hee I'm afraid if I do I will NEVER get any quilting done!!
Good to hear from you!!

Alycia said...

What a cute wallhanging! Glad you are catching back up. The bed and breakfast looks like a wonderful place!