Tuesday, November 24, 2009

I must be Nuts.....

I've been rather busy lately working on several projects. I wish I could share with you my latest. Alas, it is the QB Christmas Challenge and until the big reveal on December 22nd, it must remain a secret. I can say this, it involves this fabric, the challenge fabric for which I've taken a LOT of GRIEF. Sheesh, you'd think a bunch of ladies who call themselves the Quilting Broads would see the humor in working with the Fruit Ladies for a challenge!

I can say this, I started this project without a specific plan and, for awhile. I was worried that it wasn't going to come together but WOW -- I'm really, really pleased with it. With Janet's help, I overcame my block and worked it all out -- even the quilting worked out.

Besides everything else I'm doing, I've also embarked on two online quilt-alongs -- the Red & White Snowball Challenge is the first one. Naturally I'm going to do it "My Way". Since I like to make actual bed sized quilts, mine will be queen sized. For that I will need 196 -  6" blocks. In those 196 blocks I will need 784 r&w half square triangle blocks! What was I thinking?!?!? It's a good thing I have a large selection of reds, whites & creams. Here's my start:

The fabric in the center of the first block on the left will also be the border fabric. I'm randomly scattering it throughout the centers of some of the red blocks. 

Joseph's Coat is the other quilt-along. This is a portable project and as long as I can stay on top of the prep work for each block, it will be my "watching tv" project. I'm doing my petals a little differently than the method shown in the quilt along and they probably take a little more time my way, but I like the final look better. After Thanksgiving I'll try to take some pictures of my prep method. Meanwhile, here are 3 blocks in various stages -- 1 is complete, 1 is partially complete and one is just pinned.

The actual colors are a little more vibrant than they look in this picture. I'm using mainly purple fabrics with a little bit of pink and blue for sparkle and interest. So far it's still fun. I wonder what I'll think of it after 49 blocks?!?!

I will leave you with a picture of the Spotted One looking oh so cute sprawled on the Christmas Lights Mystery quilt. His eyes are such a beautiful amber color, but they are terrible to photograph as they always turn bright yellow.At least they match the gold in the quilt!


*karendianne. said...

Oh my friend, you're doing that Joseph's Coat! Can I be there with you as you create this in purple? I want to do this, too. I'm not sure when I'll get to start on it but I do, I do, I do. Love that red fabric for your border. It's worthy of the 784 HST WWYthinking!?!

Sounds like all is going well there. I took Bagalicious with me to the hospital yesterday and was utterly bereft when I found it was covered in Kanga coat. And you'll recall why that is. I didn't though. I was displeased and late! I couldn't change bags of course; had to tape roll the bag. I put bagalicous out of reach and she's in big bag trouble!!!

I'll not be caught leaving without giving my spotted boyfriend a kiss. SWAK!!!

Batiklover said...

Can't wait to see this challenge project. You and those fruit ladies!!!!
And you were hmmp'ing about another UFO with the Joseph's coat and here you are with ANOTHER one. Love the red and white, anxious to see how it looks all finished.
Your purple Joseph's Coat is great!!! I am curious about your technique so don't forget to show us. :-) You are farther along than I am..... hee hee

Gari said...

I just saw your ladies quilt on the list and it is WONDERFUL! You have really mastered that HQ16.

backporchquilter said...

Excellent quilting on the questionable ladies, Liz. I knew you could do it!

Mary said...

The Joseph's Coat looks great -- are they pieced or appliqued?