Thursday, November 26, 2009

Vertigo, Not the Movie

Our Thanksgiving holiday started quite normally, loading up the bus with Dad and the Spotted One and heading over the mountains to Chelan to spend the holiday with my brother since he has to work on Friday. This morning we're waiting for Dad to come downstairs for breakfast -- no Dad. He can't sit up because he's extremely dizzy. He started wondering if he was having a stroke or heart attack. A call to the local clinic ends up with a trip to the E.R. via ambulance.

Now, keep in mind that my dear brother lives at the end of a 3/4 mile gravel road. The Bearded One had to go out to the main road with the bus so the ambulance could find the place! The poor Spotted One was relegated to his crate in the bathroom, much to his dismay. The medics were followed a few minutes later by the firemen. (I know, missed photo op with the Spotted One and a real, honest to goodness firetruck!)

Two hours later, after ct scan and blood work all came back normal, we have a diagnosis of vertigo. Home to release the Spotted One from doggy jail and to start work on the bird of the day. I'll leave you with a picture of the south end of Lake Chelan from the hospital grounds.


backporchquilter said...

Who needs reality TV? So thankful he's better, Liz.

*karendianne. said...

Oh Liz. shucks. I've had that before and it's no fun at all. I'm so sorry. I'm glad he's doing better (yes?). Let me hear from you, k?