Friday, January 28, 2011

Easily Distracted

I admit it, I'm too easily distracted. I know I've mentioned this before....but I can't tell you how many times I walk into my sewing room with a plan in mind and then I run across a project that had been started and put aside. Before I know it, I'm working on that instead of the intended project. So, this week, I really was planning on working on one of the secret projects but in the process of moving things around I ran across about a dozen of these rw&b 9-patches.

Before I knew it, I had more than 30. I figure 48 blocks set with sashing and a border will make a nice size for a QOV. In the same pile with the 9-patches were 2 of these lovelies, improved 9-patches.

They now number about 30 also, although only the top 6 you see here are actually connected. But another 12 or so have the melons attached.

Then I had lunch with a friend the other day and learned that their first grandbaby is finally coming west for a visit. Well that reminded me of the box of I-Spy patches I had run across earlier in the week. Since I had made quilts for both the baby's Mommy and Auntie I felt it only right that little Rowan should have one too.
By dinnertime the center was complete and I pulled the borders from my stash today and got them attached. Tomorrow it will go on the HandiQuilter to be quilted -- that is if I'm not distracted once again.

In the meantime, while starting to write this post I happened to read a most apropos post by Nancy. Yup, there's no doubt, I got it, BAD. In honor of my ADQD I made a little badge. I'm still trying to figure out how to share the code with y'all....if you know how, please let me know.

Thursday, January 20, 2011

Some Quilting

Finally, I have something I can show's not that I haven't been doing any quilting lately. It's just that most of what quilting has been done cannot be shown here. First up, but not to be seen is the annual High School Senior Quilt project. The quilts that we design and make for the graduating high school seniors at church. Sorry, but I cannot show you that one.

Next up is another stealth project. I can show you a sneak peak of it.....

Mmmmm, pretty bright, huh? And this is just a small peek carefully editing out the important parts that would give away the project. Sorry, but you'll have to wait on this one.

Along with this, I pulled out an old UFO, my confetti quilt. I'm working on that as Leaders and Enders with the above project and yet another project not ready for show.

See those colored squares? They finish at 1". Yup, I'm crazy. The little four patch centers are 2" square. I'm not sure how large this quilt is going to be. I'll just work on it until I'm tired of it. I saw a similar quilt somewhere in blog land, only it was done with larger pieces. For some reason I decided to make it smaller....

I'm also working on a some free pieced letters for Tonya's latest UnRuly challenge. They're not quite ready for show here so you'll just have to wait on that one too.

I'll leave you with a certain Spotted One trying to rescue his favorite blinky ball from the clutches of the Holee Roller which he received for Christmas. For some reason, he doesn't seem to get as much pleasure out of his new toy as we do. The entertainment factor for us is quite high. What can I say, we're easily amused these days......