Monday, March 03, 2014

Lucky Me

A couple weeks ago I was the lucky winner of this lovely jellyroll from The Slow Quilter's blog.

Felicia added the charm pack as a nice little extra. Thank you Felicia.

I've contacted the local Project Linus coordinator about helping out with their need for quilts. If it ever stops snowing on the group sew days I will actually try making it to a sew in. I will use Felicia's jelly roll for either a quilt for Project Linus or a quilt for our guild Comfort Quilts which are often given to hospice patients.

Meanwhile, the QB's had their yearly challenge reveal 2 weeks ago. We used to have the reveal at our Christmas potluck party but too many people are busy with Christmas projects and asked to have it moved to February. Unfortunately, the mild weather the Pacific Northwest had all winter took a turn in the opposite direction. We're getting all our annual snowpack in February and now March. As luck would have it, the pass was closed and I was unable to head over the hill. So we had to settle for FaceTime. The challenge was wide open, basically to do whatever you wanted. I struggled with this -- I really do need more guidelines. So, at the last minute I ordered A Judy Niemeyer table runner pattern, Geese at My Wedding,  that was on sale. Two weeks was seriously not enough time. But I squeaked in at the last minute, finishing the binding the nite before.

The pattern actually called for 4 rings. I chose to do 3 because a) my table isn't THAT big and b) I never would have finished it in time if I did 4. 

Meanwhile, I'm trucking along with baby quilt number 3 and using the other half of the jellyroll for baby quilt number 4. Pictures to come, soon. 

Here's what my view outside my window looked like today. We had no snow until February. In the last month we have had snow off and on every week. The only nice thing about it is that it will snow and then the temperature will get up to around 50. Then it will snow, again. 

And lastly, here's the poor unlucky Spotted One. We discovered a couple fleas on him, in the middle of winter! Unfortunately he's deathly allergic to fleas and he proceeded to chew the base of his tail until it was bloody. Don't feel too sorry for him, he has just been relieved from having to wear the blue ring of shame and is behaving himself and not chewing at his bald spot. 

Until next time,