Thursday, July 09, 2009

It's Beginning to Look Like a Trailer!

So, after way more coats of varnish than I can count and then treating the inside and the floor to CPES (Clear Penetrating Epoxy Sealer), we did a "test fit" today. Actually this was a test fit of the brace that will be used to help hold the sides straight while we put the bracing ribs in. You can see the brace here:

We've located the yellow aluminum that we are going to cover the top in. Only problem, the aluminum is $75 and shipping is $65!!! However, the supplier specializes in homebuilt airplane supplies and they will be at Oshkosh. As it happens, The Bearded One will be heading to Oshkosh with his father in a few weeks. The supplier, Wicks has said that we could pick up the aluminum directly from them at the show. I'm guessing that this is what will happen.

So, next up, the ribs will be installed and construction on the hatch will also start. Thanks to the generousity of our very handy and knowledgeable neighbor, the vertical ribs for the hatch and the doublers for the side walls, just inside the hatch have all been cut.

As for sewing....sigh. Not much has been done. I think I have Storm at Sea burnout. But I am NOT going to put it back away to mellow for another few years. I am committing to working on it along with other projects. Everytime I get a chance to sew, I will make at least one SAS block before I work on something else. That should help the burnout factor.

And, since some people say I don't post nearly enough pictures of The Spotted One, here's one from a few months ago.

I really do need to make the boy his own quilt. During our last campout, we were sititing in the front seats of the bus playing cards and this crazy Spotted Dog was curled up on the bed with the edge of this quilt in his mouth, trying to cover himself with it. I SO wish I'd had the video camera.


Terrie Sandelin said...

Oh, Dalmatians are such love bugs and cuddlers. I love the dog we have now, an Australian Shepherd, but I have a lot of nostalgia for the dals we used to have. Such duffy and beautiful dogs! The trailer looks great -- so talented to be able to make it!

*karendianne. said...

Oh this was the moment you shared with me about him trying to cover himself!!! Oh Arlo you're so cuteamous here trying to do this. Yes, mommy can whip out something for you. I know she can. She's a rockin' quilter.

It's fun to watch the teardrop come to life. Works out great for Oshkosh bygosh!

Sharon said...

Your Storm @ Sea quilt is looking great! Isn't it good to get around to working on an old UFO? I know I have too many "on hold".

Your dog is too cute! Yes, I think you need to make him his own quilt. . .shouldn't take long, right??

Catherine said...

That must have been too funny to see your dog trying to get covered up with the quilt! Your Storm at Sea quilt in the previous post looks absolutely fabulous! Love the fabric choices.