Thursday, July 02, 2009

Quilt A.D.D.

I don't have Quilt A.D.D. -- really, I don't. Well, ok, maybe just a little.....all right, more than a little. With all the talk on various quilting blogs about finishing UFO's I decided to revisit some of mine.

Here's what I pulled out from one box. I don't remember just when I started this Storm at Sea, probably about 5-6 years ago I'm guessing, maybe longer....The reason I put it away, these are all paper foundation pieced and I realized that I detest peeling off the paper.

But, I figured I'd rather see this done than sit in a box for another 5+ years. So, this is what I've managed to get done the last couple days.

Now, here's the problem, if you click on the picture, you will see that the background I used behind the compass is not the same cloud background fabric that I used with the blocks. I have a limited amount of the cloud fabric which I bought way back when. I'm hoping that there's enough to add an equal amount of units top and bottom to this to make this square. After that I will have to switch to something else. So, do I get more of the light batik I used in the compass and finish off several rows with blocks made from that? It is much lighter than the cloud fabric. I had hoped it would be a closer match when I bought it, but naturally I didn't have any of the cloud fabric with me at the time. I can get more of the compass background since I just bought that.

My thought was that if I continue the blocks with the current background and make enough to make this square, then switch to the compass batik and make several rounds with that it would tie in with the compass background. What do you think? Should I do that or should I look for another cloud fabric that might be closer to what I'm currently using?

Meanwhile, you might think that this is just a sweet picture of the Spotted One hugging the Bearded One. Wrong! This is Arlo's oh so subtle method of looking out the window since we have all the doggy eye level windows blocked off so he can't stand there barking at everything he sees that walks by.

Oh yeah, check out the spots on his shoulder, they form a capital "A". He was going to be Arlo even before we got him but the "A" really sealed it.

Have a safe and happy 4th. We will be tranquilizing the neurotic Spotted One and trying our best to block out all the sounds from the outside. Unfortunately they still have not banned fireworks in our city so it gets pretty noisey around here on the 4th.



ooh! It's funt o pull out old fab things and rework them! Looking good!
and your dog! My dal, Myah, used to think she was a lap dog.(R.I.P) it was like having a ton of bricks sitting on you... to funny'

*karendianne. said...

So cool how a quilt can change in 24 hours, isn't it? Yes, I'm blogging backwards there any other way? :)

Took me a second or three to find the spotted "A" but when I did I thought "now isn't that cosmic-trippy!"

We'll try for a happy 4th but with The Boys here, I don't know.

Neurotic Dogs Love, *karendianne.