Wednesday, June 01, 2011

He Thinks He's Helping....

The last 4 days were spent on the couch doing nothing more strenuous than blowing my nose and working on hexagons while listening to an audio book and the sounds of The Bearded One working on a home improvement project. Great time to get sick, huh? I think I timed that one just right. Anyway, I decided it was time to lay out these hexie flowers and try to figure out how to start squaring up this project which is currently hexagon shaped. A certain Spotted One felt it was his duty to "help". After convincing him, rather reluctantly to move, this was his compromise:

 I know when I'm beat so I gave up and went back to making more flowers.

On another note, the mail brought a nice surprise.

Victoria of Bumble Beans had a drawing for Heather Peterson's new book and I won! There are some great ideas in here and I can't wait to try some of them.


Mrs. Goodneedle said...

HI, Arlo; what a splendid helper you are! I love, love, love the hexie quilt. I saw a quilt last evening made up from a Living Large book (and I liked it, a LOT) I hadn't heard of it at all before yesterday and now I learn there's book #2!I need to get out more.

*karendianne. said...

Wow those are amazing and he is helping! He wants to add to the contrast in the photo and the layout. Very contributing. I get it.