Wednesday, July 13, 2011

Some Camping Time Pt. 2

This was what we drove thru as we went around the east side of Mt. Rainier heading to Ohanapecosh campground. At one point we hit 4711 feet in elevation and there was a LOT of snow. Both Sunrise and Paradise are still covered in snow. I was told that Sunrise had over 900" this past winter.
Luckily the campground is at a lower elevation. Ohanapecosh is located on the southeast side of Mt. Rainier National Park and is filled with old growth trees. Along with all the wonderful old trees, there is the river and several mountain streams. It really is quite beautiful and quite a contrast from eastern Oregon where we were last week.
This tree was 670 years old when it was cut down. The tags note significant events in history that occurred throughout it's lifetime.

The river, wild and rushing from all the snow melt higher up the mountain.
Wild columbine.
Vanilla leaf and bunchberry.
Another mountain stream.

Four wonderful, relaxing days in this paradise made for one of our better campouts. Even better was all the wonderful food. Our friend and camphost is a most excellent dutch oven cook and we feasted all weekend. As Mrs. G. would say, "Life is Good".

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Alycia said...

That looks like the most beautiful place to go!!