Tuesday, September 28, 2010

Yes, She Really Does Quilt!

In which I prove that I really am doing some quilting:

This is a UFO that's been around for a couple years. I was recently challenged to "get 'er done". The challenger is holding hostage some recently purchased fabric. That was pretty good motivation for me to finish piecing the top. Now it's sat for over a month and I am FINALLY getting around to getting it quilted...........See, I really DO quilt, sometimes.

And yes, it will be a Christmas present so I don't know how much more of this you will get to see. But, since I KNOW the recipient doesn't read my blog and is probably too young to even know what a blog is, maybe you will get to see when it's done....


Quiltin' Jenny said...

So pretty! Is that a heart log cabin block?

My DH's cousin is due in February with a long awaited and prayed for baby. We all find out on Monday if we need pink or blue scraps, and I was already thinking if it's a girl I wanted to do something with heart log cabins. I know I have seen such a quilt, but no clue on a pattern or quite how to do it.

You've inspired me to break out the graph paper and figure it out!

Mrs. Goodneedle said...


Alycia said...

Holding fabric ransom? Thats just wrong!!! But I love the quilt!