Monday, June 27, 2005

A New Sport.....Competitive Quilting

Who said quilting wasn't a competitive sport? A few weeks ago one of the QB's, pulled out her friendship blocks that the group had done in 2003. Lora was determined to be the first one to have her quilt completed. I was the only one who had completed my top when we did the blocks 2 years ago but just never got around to actually quilting it. Well, having the gauntlet thrown down, so to speak. was just too great a challenge not to take. Besides, I had to get mine done first since Lynda had already gone and completed the first block in the Beige Behemoth race.....

So, two weeks ago I basted the quilt and started work on it. I knew that I had a good 3 weeks or so before Lora would have hers completed since she's only working on it on Mondays. Meanwhile, Claudia dug through the piles in her sewing room trying to find her blocks. So today I show up with my completed quilt. I really wanted to be sitting there just working on the binding but somehow managed to actually get it all done this past weekend. Claudia also shows up with her completed quilt, (but she doesn't have a label on hers yet and I do.) Naturally, this is the one time Lora doesn't arrive early. When she finally arrived around lunchtime we had great fun with our Show & Tell. But, more importantly, I can check another item off of one of my UFO lists. Yippee!

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