Monday, November 03, 2008

Note to Self... time you're missing one row, look on the floor, under the ironing board. Explanation, I diligently worked on my Blooming 9-Patch this weekend only to find a row missing on Sunday afternoon. This after spending a good portion of Friday completing the other "missing" rows, sigh.
Thankfully, when I went down to work on the quilt this evening I found the missing row when I plugged in the iron! Oh Happy Day!
And now, as of 10:00 pm this evening, I can happily report that the top is complete. I'll lay it out on the bed tomorrow to determine if it needs a small, outer border of the last, dark blue fabric.
Oh yeah, the picture shows the only 3 leftover pieces I had. I was so not looking forward to having to make the rest of those blocks for that row!
Happy quilting!

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Finn said...

Hi Liz, so happy to hear that some of the lost is found *VBS* It sure does make it easier to finish that way. Thanks for the good wishes. Hugs, the newly sighted Finn