Tuesday, November 11, 2008

Spotted Weirdness

So, what does the spotted angel on the left have to do with the common, kitchen appliance on the right? The object of the picture on the right is afraid of the object on the right! To the point that he KNOWS what it means when you hold a loaf of bread. He turns into a shaking, quivering dog and slinks downstairs to his "safe" place, the guest bedroom.

Slow bi-peds that we are, it took us awhile to figure out why Arlo was always disappearing when we made breakfast or when we put anything in the toaster. The reason he's afraid of the toaster, on occasion the crumbs in the bottom will set off the smoke detector. He's so paranoid that all you have to do is hold a loaf of bread up, nowhere near the toaster, and he's gone.

"Mr. I'll do anything for cheese" won't stick around for it when you're holding that loaf of bread in the other hand. And yet, this is the same dog that literally swiped a piece of bread from my hand last Christmas down at Dad's house. Silly boy and his crazy paranoia. It's a darn good thing we love him so much!

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