Thursday, September 04, 2008

VW Camping Gods

What is this you say? This, sadly is the reason why I'm still sitting here at home, and not on the road to Union, Oregon. This is a VW water pump. This was replaced in our bus not quite 3 months ago and $500. This decided to start dripping and left a nice puddle on the drive late yesterday. The puddle was discovered early evening, as we were starting to do the final packing for our camping trip.

The VW Camping Gods don't seem to want us to go on the biggest camping trip of our whole season. The trip I've looked forward to all year. And for ONCE the weather between here and there isn't scorching hot so the trip would actually be somewhat enjoyable. Can you say disappointed? Can you say really pi$$ed off? The bus is at the mech's shop now. It was delivered there before 8:00 a.m. Unfortunately he is swamped today and it is a 3 hour job to replace said water pump. No, the VW Camping Gods are not smiling down on us right now...

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