Saturday, July 05, 2008

When a Plan Comes Together

Every now and then I get a really good idea. Once in a great while, it all works out. Judy's wedding quilt was one of those. Usually, the time and difficulty seem to increase proportionately to the number of people involved. This was not the case this time thanks to an incredible bunch of ladies on the HQ16 Chatters list.

Back on April 23rd I thought it would be really cool if we, as a list, could do something for Judy, our founder, in honor of her upcoming marriage. So, I e-mailed Janet. And, within a day we had a new, "super secret" list set up and had invites sent out to all 485 members of the HQ16 Chatters list. We had a plan for the quilt and within a week blocks started arriving.

In early June, Janet drove over from Spokane and Lai Yee came up from Sumner and the three of us sat down to put together what turned into an enormous quilt, all filled with signatures and messages of love. The final quilt had 228 blocks, all in lovely 30's prints, (Judy's favorites). I used some of the leftover border fabric to make pillowcases. Another evening was spent making the label and then off to Michigan it went to be quilted by Pam.

Once Pam finished the quilt, she sent it off to Jo Ann, in Oklahoma City who was going to deliver it to Judy. Well, on Thursday evening Jo Ann & Amanda were finally able to complete the last portion of this incredible project. They delivered the quilt to Judy & Delmar. And yes, somehow, everybody involved in this project managed to keep it a secret for 2 months!
Here's to a long and happy marriage Judy & Delmar!

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