Thursday, July 03, 2008

Things That go Boom in the Night

Ok, so much for my resolve of blogging more often. I'm really going to try to post more often. Keyword here, TRY.

Western Washington has had a very unusual 20 hours or so. Thunderstorms started rolling by, just to the east of us around dinnertime last nite. They continued all nite long and through the morning. They have finally ceased, only to be replaced by all the neighborhood kids playing with their fireworks.

Unfortunately our neurotic boy has trouble dealing with things that go boom. He turns into a quivering, shaking, panting mess of spots. When he got too hot under the quilt, between us last nite he retreated to this wicker couch awaiting re-upholstery in my sewing room.

Thank goodness for those tranquilizers the vet gave us. Now we just have to get through the holiday weekend.

My goal is to load and quilt at least ONE of the three quilt tops currently awaiting quilting.

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