Friday, March 06, 2009

Another Year

Well, another year has passed. At least this year wasn't as bad as last. Last year was a significant birthday -- you know, one of the ones ending in zero. Hate those. Last year I had decided that if I didn't celebrate, then I certainly couldn't be that old. It was also the first birthday since my mother had died. Well, nobody would just "let it pass". My wonderful quilting friends, the QB's moved up my birthday party because they really thought I wouldn't show up. They then proceeded to wrap all my FQ's in orange. And how could I possibly forget the foam rubber cake, iced and everything. Did you know that you can't easily cut a foam rubber cake? Anyway, this year was quite tame, rather quiet. I spent part of the day at Pat's with her spinning friends. Did you know that you can die wool in a crockpot with Wilton's icing dye?

The Bearded One isn't a good shopper. Over the years I've gotten used to doing my own shopping for him. This year I had told him I wanted a yarn swift. He said "a what"? It wasn't worth trying to explain so I saved him a trip to the yarn store and did his shopping for him last week. He left it sitting in the office, taunting me and wouldn't let me use it. This afternoon I decided enough was enough and it was time to put it to use. When I openend the it what do I find in the box? A crowbar! Nice guy! Luckily he decided not to try too hard to hide it. He claims he fully expected me to try to use it before now. (Shhh, we won't tell him that I did, obviously just before he swapped it out for the crowbar.)

Hey Janet -- no ORANGE this year -- yippee!


Mary said...

Hope you had a wonderful birthday yesterday! We're enjoying Keith's birthday weekend.

backporchquilter said...

No Orange-----YET!
OK---I'll be nice!
Many, many happy hugs!