Wednesday, March 11, 2009

Having Fun!

I happened to catch one of the Saturday quilting programs that demo'd a kaleidoscope kreator program. I had totally forgotten about it until this morning when I read Pat Sloan's blog where she linked to yet another blog with these really cool design your own Keds. They were just too cool. So, I downloaded the kaleidoscope program and started having some fun -- way too much fun.

KD -- forgive me for playing with your picture -- if you thought your nosegays were pretty to begin with, check these out! I think you'll agree with me.

The program comes with a variety of shapes and then there's an add on program with even more shapes which I immediately went back and purchased also.

And of course I had to play with a picture of a certain little spotted guy.

I also played with some floral closeups.
The possibilities of combinations and shapes are amazing. You can flip and turn and resize the orignal photo. Tomorrow I'm going to print some of these on some fabric that's been treated with Bubble Jet Set. I have a few ideas.....


*karendianne. said...

Woah Liz! That's so neat. Isn't it funny with the certain spotted guy? I love to laugh at that.

YankeeQuilter said...

Those are amazing! What fun...

Mary said...

These always amaze me at how different the blocks can look even using the same fabric.

I've always loved Tanya's hand quilted freeform baptist fans but when I saw the video from Patsy Thompson with her machine quilted ones, I knew I have to play around and quilt them.

Patsy has a free handout on her website at this address but I do highly recommend her DVD too.